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About Amore Basenjis

* Our Philosophy

* Breeding. Why We Do What We Do

* Show Quality VS Pet Quality

* Our Goals, Priorities, and Plans

* Welcoming New Breeders

Amore Basenjis. Our Philosophy

My Name is Whitney Suarez, and My family and I raise and show purebred Basenjis. Ever since I got my first Basenji, the trouble maker Missy, way back in 2001, I developed a very strong passion for the Basenji. They filled my life with tears of happiness and tears of sorrow. They have been there for me in my times of weakness and my times of strength. They have, with the help of my family and friends, taught me how to be a stronger, better, more compassionate person. They have always been so loyal and I absolutely love Basenjis. It is that sincere love that made me decide I wanted to show and breed these amazing dogs.I have a very deep passion about my Basenjis and I want what is best for them and their future puppies. The Basenji is such a unique and wonderful breed, so graceful and majestic.

As a breeder, I have priorities that I live by when I decide to produce a litter. My ideal Basenji is a family companion that has a “to die for” temperament along with a tightly curled tail, short backed body with a solid level topline. I want to create a sound, strong, healthy family member but an active and successful dog in the show ring and other events such as lure coursing and agility. I am a very passionate and caring person. I don’t believe in judging people before I know them. Here at Amore Basenjis,  my philosophy may be different than other Basenji breeders, however different doesn't always equal bad. Sometimes it can be a very good thing. I am the type of person who loves to express myself and I love it when others contact me to express themselves. I want to meet others who have a love like I do.  Basenjis are a very passionate thing in my life and I know my passion is shared by many other people. With that said, I do not discriminate against people who are interested in learning about my breed.  I encourage responsible people to contact me. I am a very nice, kind, caring, and humorous person. I like to have fun in life and joke around. In addition to having a fun life, i have always been proud of myself to say I am an honest person and I give people the benefit of the doubt. I do not shun people or judge people just because they are thinking about getting into the Basenji breed. I am a real person and I have feelings that are not made of stone. Everyone has feelings and feelings can be hurt, whether you show you have been hurt or you keep it bottled inside. I learned that at a very young age. I also do not feel that I am any greater or smaller than anyone else in this world. We are all human and we all make mistakes. That is just a fact of life.  Id rather be surrounded by a small group of honest, devoted Basenji lovers than a pool full of a million "fake" friends.  I breed Basenjis because I love them and I want to create a better Basenji, with solid loving temperament and a gorgeous confirmation to match. I don’t do this for the money. I dont do this for the politics. I do this because it is my passion and I enjoy spending time with my dogs/animals.

Breeding. Why We Do What We Do

Ever since I was young, I have had a passion for dogs. It wasn't until I met and owned my first red Basenji, Missy, that my passion for dogs grew even stronger--but more so the strength towards the Basenji Breed. I had my struggles with her, but after she came into my life, I knew there would never be a day that I wouldnt have a Basenji by my side. 

When I got Missy, I started "training her" to be a show dog. Of course being 12 and not knowing much about showing, I didn't realize that an APRI dog couldnt compete/show in AKC events and basically my hopes and dreams seized to exhist. After that, I vowed I would one day get a show puppy and I would show her with all of my heart and that I would try to do everything right, as honest and true as I could. It took me 10 years before I was finally blessed with a puppy, Sophie, that I could actually try to show! I was so happy and excited to have a puppy to start showing with! Granted at 8 weeks old, it takes time to get them show ready, plus they have to be 6 months to show (I researched a lot within that 10 years).. I worked with her quite a bit and went to several different shows. Then at 8 months, another red female--Mia, came into my life and I got to show her also! She was already finished in Canada so "onward" to the shows in the U.S. we went! I showed for a good 2 years, completed the health tests on the two bitches, and then I decided, with the help of both breeder's, to have my first litter. We ended up having 2 litters, one from each bitch.  I ended up keeping 1 light brindle female, Lola, from Mia and a tri colored male, Franky from Sophie. I continued to show the mothers and then after their second litter, they both retired from my breeding program. 

I went on to show the pups and had a phenomenal time, and great success! Lola ended up finishing her championship at just 10 months old with 4 majors (3-3pt, 1-5pt, a Group 2, and Bred By Group 1) Her very first show weekend out, at just 7 months old, she took home a major each day of the show for 3-3pt majors and a group 2 on the second day!! In addition to that, the same day she got a group 2, she went on to compete in the Bred By competition and took a Group 1! (Sadly this was my first show as a bred by and I didnt realized--stupid i know--that I had to go back in for best puppy in show, so she didnt have a chance to compete against the other group 1sts but we still had alot of fun! She then went on to her next show at 8 months she took home a 4pt major and at 9 months (over several specials and GCH) she took home a 5pt major going BOW. and Franky now only needs 1 point (he too has 4 majors, 1-3pt. 1-4pt and 1-5pt major) (with limited showing) to finish his championship. I have decided that my second line, Sophie, isnt the direction I want to go with my dogs, and once franky finishes his CH, he will retire and neuter. All but 1 of sophies children apart from franky are spayed/neutered now.

The showing and the joy I get out of winning is just one reason why I breed Basenjis. There is a whole other aspect of breeding, that I enjoy so much. I shall now go into detail on that portion.

Another huge reason why I breed is the joy and satisfaction I get out of actually breeding dogs. Winning and showing a dog that I bred is a huge satisfaction to me but, in addition to that, another huge gratification is actually being able to PRODUCE them! Being able to look through pedigrees and search through the many many many different types of Basenjis to find exactly what it is in my program I want to improve and then using two Basenjis to try to achieve that goal! Learning and researching genetics to learn what is and is not inherited and then trying to hone in on or avoid certain areas so that the puppies I produce are healthy, happy, balanced, well loved, and able to do what they were made to do. 

I love the whole process of the breeding program. Finding that "perfect" male to use on my female and then watching or assisting in the actual mating process and then hoping and praying that it took! Finding out a few weeks later that it indeed took and that there are little puppies growing up inside of my special little family member. The process of the belly, getting big and nurturing little puppies, milk being produced, etc. Then, there is the fun part of actually watching and assisting in the birthing process. The miracle of life that is, puppy birth. Watching how the mother goes into labor and starts having contractions. Pushing each puppy out with ease, as it seems, and then actively going at it to clean the puppy from its birthing sac (amniotic sac) and hearing that first little cry, knowing the puppy is alive and well. Then there is watching them take their first drink and being loved and nurtured by mom. Of course who could forget the best part of puppy breath as they start aging and growing into what they will soon be as adults. Holding them for hours and kissing and loving on them, being able to share that joy with my family and my children, who equally love dogs as much as I do. Taking photographs of them as they age so that I can remember them, how they were as puppies, and how in such a short time, they can become fully grown adults! Being able to pick out which puppy I will be keeping and taking a "chance on" when I decided to start showing the puppy. And of course the interactions between mom and puppy, because she teaches them how to do things.  I like to be able to evaluate the puppies and find out who is going to be a "stubburn nail to break" and who will be the "sweet peas in the pods." And once they mature, I love seeing the puppies turn out exactly as I suspected.  I especially love knowing within that short couple of months, these puppies that I brought into this world will be well on the way in finding a home of their own.  I find it sentimental to be able to meet the families that will grow old with my puppies and get to know them. Knowing that my puppy has brought them a true gift and a devoted love that nothing but a puppy can bring. I love learning what the new owners have in store for my little puppies, whether it be big dreams of the show ring and lure coursing, or a quite jogging partner in the country, enjoying the pet life and being apart of the family. I love getting updates on puppies and pictures and stories as they go through and experience life with their new families.  and all the while knowing that I did that. That I brought that joy to the new owner and that I brought the joy that that puppy has by selling this puppy to that particular family.

There are many reasons why people breed dogs, most are less than acceptable reasons to be breeding dogs. But to me, its the whole entire experience I get from it, is the reason I continue to do it. I don't make money breeding dogs,  because any money I get, goes right back into the dogs. Health testing, breeding, showing, traveling, training, etc, it all costs money, ALOT OF MONEY!, but its all worth it in the end,  because I get to "experience the experience" and they make me happy and I enjoy doing what I do. To some, it may seem like nonsense. "How could you possibly spend that much money on a DOG?" ..to me, they are not just dogs. They are my family and I would go to the ends of the earth for my family, 2 legged and 4.  I get a great satisfaction from breeding and showing and ultimately that is why its worth it, why it boils down to it, Family and great satisfaction--what else could you need?

Our Goals, Priorities, and Plans

At Amore Basenjis, our number one priority with all of our breeding plans is to produce a very sound temperament within all of our lines. Our Basenjis are family first. Though we enjoy showing, we live with our dogs and first and foremost we need to be able to trust them around our family. We have children they live along side with in addition to other animals, like cats and dogs. We do not kennel our dogs --and if we do, its for a quick trip to town, not for a significant amount of time--they do not live in kennels. They live indoors with us as apart of our family, learning what we expect of them through rules, boundaries, and limitations. That said, we know the importance of having a solid temperament to start out with and this is why we strive for that first and foremost! 
We hope that many of our Basenjis will be successful in the show ring, however our ultimate goal, first and foremost, is to create a fully functional family member because lets face it, probably 80%-90% if not more of the puppies that a Breeder produces will likely end up in a a pet home as opposed to the alternative, a show home. To help assess and avoid this, we temperament test all of our breeding stock to ensure a nice and easy going temperament. In addition, once the puppies are born, they go through a series of temperament tests at various ages so that we can accurately evaluate them and place them in homes that are best suited for them.
In addition to temperament, a huge goal of Amore Basenjis is to produce a healthy puppy, which is why we health test our breeding stock to ensure a healthy new beginning.  
Our Goal is to produce top quality dogs that become "Big" in the show world. Dogs that are Multi BIS and BISS winners, Multi championed, and a dog that people look at and say "WOW!" We strive to produce "the perfect dog" for all of our  buyers. We offer 24/7 support and hope that our buyers connect and establish a great relationship with us and continue to share photos and stories as their new Basenji ages in life.  The satisfaction we get when we recieve an update or a new photo is just, its not describable. So, we do ask, that IF you are interested in a puppy from us, you understand that we will be there for the life of that puppy (and take it back if you are unable to keep it for any reason) and that we expect to have photos, etc as they age :)

Amore Basenjis. Welcoming New Breeders

For future breeders, this is for you. I welcome you, new breeders, to my kennel. I am always willing to help out someone who i feel is responsible and doing this for the right reasons. To me, I feel like if a person is going to get a dog, whether as unique as a Basenji or as common as a Lab, They are going to get a puppy whether they have the worlds forces against them or not.  Whether Breeders like it or not, a determined person will not be persuades otherwise, their mind is made up. . . I understand . . .I do.....

Well that is my feelings on the topic. Think about it, If someone has made up their mind to get a puppy, they are going to do it, whether we like it or not...and . That's the fact. You can gripe and moan and say all the mean things you want to that person or about that person, but once they relieve themselves of you, they will find someone else until they end up getting a puppy they are after. 
For THAT reason, I WELCOME Breeders. I want to help encourage them to do it the right way. To help them become all that they can be and to become great breeders to excel and improve the breed. My goal, as far as with new breeders, is to help them find a nice sound puppy (or adult) that they can be proud of to start off their kennel with. My love for Basenjis is so strong and passionate, that I truly want to help improve the breed, I want to help make it better. I know that this passion is shared by others and I want to share that passion with the future breeders of the world. Instead of being nasty and shunning new comers (and yes it happens, it happened to me first hand) I will welcome them instead. We all start somewhere, You did, as did the "big name" that have hundreds of champions and have been showing for 30+ years . . .30+ years ago they started somewhere too. I understand some Breeders who feel that they want to protect their lines but I think its important to help others who share the same love that you do, so that they can do the right thing and help improve our lines too. (lets face it, once you "pass on" then your line will not thrive on if you don't allow others to "have it" ...Its for that reason that I feel its vital for us to help new breeders.
I used to be one of those people who was "scolded" for even thinking about breeding. I went through it all. The many, many breeders who wouldn't give me the time of day or one of their puppies, for whatever reason. But, I have found that there are people who like to jump to prejudging and not giving chances to those who deserve them. Which is fine, You live your way, I will live my way.
I finally found someone who treated me like a human being. In fact, I came across two people that were very willing to help me, teach me, encourage me, and to help me follow my dreams. Although I don't really talk to either of them anymore, I have learned a great deal from them and I aim to improve.

A Final Note 

Whether looking for a new family pet or looking to start your own kennel and are looking for some guidance and help, Amore Basenjis is there for you and ready to help. Basenjis are a remarkable breed and its this passion that we all share that keeps the breed alive and well. . . that brings such joy into our hearts and our worlds.

I look forward to meeting all of you who share my love for the Basenjis and maybe if the fates allow, we can become good friends who sit around at dog parks or dog shows, and talk about how much we love what has brought us together, Our Basenjis!

Last Updated: 4/25/2017