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Quotes Megan and I bought a Basenji from Amore Basenjis litter born on January 10, 2014. We could not be any happier with our purchase. Amore worked with us to identify the type of basenji we wanted and helped us through all the steps needed to make a decision. It was a great experience and we felt very comfortable throughout. The puppy we got was a red male which we named Cairo. He is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever known. He came extremely well socialized to people and other dogs. We were very surprised at how well he immediately fit into our family and "pack"!! If you are looking for a trustworthy, dependable breeder who will deliver an outstanding quality dog then Amore Basenjis is the right place!! Quotes
Christopher & Megan
Happy owner

Quotes Scott and I purchased the most amazing and beautiful dark brindle female Basenji puppy from Whitney of Amore Basenji's in march 2014-- Whitney and I spoke for endless hours on facebook before we decided to purchase Zen. I found her to be the most knowledgeable and cooperative breeder anywhere . She health tests all of her puppies which is so important for anyone who is considering purchasing a basenji pup.She also sent us pictures and video on request-- Whitney has also continued to be a valuable source of info and support even after the sale. I would highly recommend Whitney to anyone considering the purchase of a well socialized , healthy and loving Basenji pup. I consider Whitney a friend and mentor -- she is simply the GREATEST.. we made the right decision and are eternally grateful for the joy our pup brings.. A+ breeder and person.. 5 stars all the way.. :) we HIGHLY recommend !!! Quotes
Matt and Scott Gerdes
Most satisfied customers EVER!!

Quotes My wife and I decided to get a Basenji after 18 years of Chihuahuas. This past January we started the process. Because of timing (outside our control), we had no luck with breeders in NJ, NY, PA, CT, VA and MD. Some were condescending, some talked bad about others, and some discouraged us adding a Basenji to a household with a toddler. Then we found Whitney at Amore Basenjis. I immediately got a different vibe than from the other breeders I spoke to. She was refreshingly honest and straight forward. She was well informed. She obviously loves her dogs and was very careful that they would go to good homes/owners without being condescending. She was available to answer questions. The puppy (Dewey) is beautiful and healthy with a wonderful demeanor and personality. He is fantastic with our son and we love him more and more all the time. I cannot recommend Amore Basenjis highly enough. I would work with Whitney again in a heartbeat. Quotes
Matt R.
First time Basenji owner in Morristown, NJ

Quotes I would strongly recommend using Amore. Sebastian's temperament is amazing. He gets along with all people and all dogs he comes in contact with. If he could have an ego it would be inflated by now due to all the compliments he receives. Perhaps, the most impressive take away from my experience is Whitney's willingness to make herself available to answer any questions almost a year later. This kind of commitment and service separates Amore from the pack. If you are new to the Basenji world like I was or if you have had issues with other breeders, give Amore a try. You won't be disappointed. Five stars.... Quotes
Amazing Pup, satisfied customer, enjoyable experience

Quotes My parents and I wanted a unique dog. So I was scrolling through recommendations and saw a basenji. I instantly fell in love with the look and hull of the dog. So I was looking where I can pick one up for a good cost and found Whitney at Amores Basenjis and fell in love with a pup named Luna. My father worked a deal to pick Luna up at a dog show. Which Whitney was great in taking time out of her day to help us complete the family! Luna was 15 weeks when we got her. She was very well kept and fairly well behaved which is great for a pup. Luna had the personality of the dog of my dreams so thank you Amore Basenjis for completing my family, we will be back for another one soon enough!!😊 Quotes
Trevor Reddicks
Satisfied Owner

Quotes I'm Amber I got lugnut From amore basenji .They are awesome types of dogs, I looked every where. The closest one I found was 6 hours away and Amore was only 45 min. Lugnut is awesome. He and my infant do great together i'm so proud I got him and i'm am satisfied with the Amores Basenji.. Lugnut gets along with all other animals and just sits in the living room window like a cat :-) he's so precious Quotes
Amber luckett

Quotes I got my girl Gypsy from Amore Basenji. shes a beautiful brindle basenji with tons of personality She came to me a well socialized and healthy pup. I could not be happier. she causes a sensation everywhere we go , 1st because shes beautiful and 2nd because she loves everyone and I think thats because of the way their brought up by Whitney and her family. I would buy another basenji from Amore in a heartbeat...and maybe I will Quotes
Dennis Brown

Quotes I couldn't find a Basenji through Basenji Rescue, so I went to breeders in Southern California. No luck. One of the breeders referred me to Amore Basenjis. They were lucky enough to have two litters in 2012. They were all taken, but the breeder kept my name in case one came back. I got the call in March that one of the puppies had to be returned because the new owner had marital problems, and I was next in line. We got my bundle of joy delivered from South Dakota via Pet Shuttle who brought her right to my door. She is a delight. She talks. She snuggles. She drives my male Basenji crazy. She loves the dog park. She is Boots. She owns this house. Everyone loves her except for my adult female Basenji who doesn't like any other Basenji on this planet. Quotes
Ida M. Burcham
Big Boots