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Amore Basenjis

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Dark Moon The Beauty Within


Miss Belle! Where do I start. She has a phenomenal temperament, Beautiful rear angulation, lovely shoulder layback, nice long neck, nice front assembly, nice stop. Theres so much to love about this girl. Apart from having a little too much white in the face for my liking, there is not alot I can complain about her.  She LOVES to snuggle. Its hilarious, she will start by coming to someone and placing her head between their legs. Then, if they pet her, shell set her face in their lap. If they still pet her, she lifts her two front feet up and slowly shimmies into the lap. once in the lap, she shoves her face up against any body part she finds (usually chest, or near arms) and then closes her eyes and snuggles. Cracks me up. Shes DEFINITELY a people person. I cant wait to see how she does when she gets out and has some chances to show. Her breeder, Veronica of Dark Moon Basenjis, and myself will be showing her to her championship. 

Belle at 8 weeks