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10 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Puppy

You have decided to adopt a Basenji. Congratulations and welcome to the Basenji world. When looking to adopt a new puppy, there are many factors in which you need to consider before actually adopting a puppy. Before we start, it should be clear, adopting a puppy should NEVER be an impulse decision.

First, WHERE. You will want to decide where to get a puppy. We will assume that since you started looking for a puppy, you have successfully researched the Basenji and are familiar with the breed. You have decided it is the right fit for you and your household.  In order to find the right Basenji, you should always look for a responsible breeder. Though the cost may be significantly higher than some breeders, in the long run, the amount will be significantly cheaper. (Puppy Mills and BYB offer puppies for cheap, but their puppies are generally never tested, can be sick, and may come down with an incurable disease costing more money in the end (ex: Fanconi Syndrome which, if affected, requires daily medication for the rest of the dogs life.)  

With a responsible breeder, they guarantee their lines and their puppies; Even if their price is at a higher rate in the beginning, it will be worth it in the end. BYB and Puppy mills have become very clever at masking themselves over the internet and can easily fool a new puppy seeker. Be sure you talk to the breeder and visit their facilities in person (if possible.) Ask them questions and concerns and be sure you are positive that they are the right choice for your future puppy. Any responsible breeder will welcome questions from potential adopters and answer them up front and honestly. But be prepared to also have questions directed towards you too as well. Responsible breeders will want to ensure that you are right for their puppies and asking questions is how we do it.  A Great place to look for Basenji breeders is on the B.C.O.A. website--basenji.org--

At Amore Basenjis, we want our adopters to be 100% positive that they are interested in our puppies. We are very open to sending adopters to other breeders if we feel they are not 100% for our puppies or if we have no puppies available/a full waiting list.

Second, QUALITY:  After you have found the breeder that you feel is well respected, responsible, and RIGHT FOR YOU, it is now time to decide what your plan are for this puppy. Are you looking for a pet to crawl into bed with you and be there by your side, relaxing by the fireplace? Are you looking for a running partner or perhaps a truck driving partner? Or maybe you are leaning towards a show dog to enter the ring and compete with? Its important to find a responsible breeder but its also important to figure out where you plan to go with this Basenji.

If you are looking for a pet quality puppy, most breeders will require a spay and neuter. Amore Basenjis requires spaying and neutering our pet quality puppies because they are meant for just that, a lifetime of love and affection and they don't need to be in tact for that.  Besides, a spayed or neutered dog is much healthier and happier dog. They are less likely to roam, they are less likely to mark on the furniture, they don't bleed all over the sheets, and they are healthier because their bodies are not on constant strain of coming in and out of heat and testosterone is not bearing down on their bodies making them go insane from lack of breeding.

If you are looking a Show Quality and plan to possibly breed later on, spaying and neutering is restricted, because altered dogs are not eligible for the ring because the reason to show is to reproduce. Showing is a sport to evaluate the breed of dog and to breed to produce breed standard offspring for the betterment of the breed.  There are many factors in which you need to contemplate before you decide on showing or pet quality puppies. Although it is an extremely rewarding and fun hobby, it can get expensive with entrance fees, travel expenses, health testing, to name a few and then to go on to breeding there are stud fees, transportation costs, more health testing, progesterone tests, etc. Its a fun and rewarding hobby but definitely a spendy one!

Three, AGE. Now that you decided which quality of Basenji to get, you need to determine if you want a puppy or an adult. There are many pro's and Con's to each choice.  Puppies go through the puppy stage which includes tearing up things, eating everything in site, that what seems to be uncontrollable energy, and the time and commitment it takes to raise a puppy. Although they are young so you can raise them how you want to. Teach them good behaviors and mold them into a dog you will be happy with.

Adults are fun too though. An adult has already gone through its puppy phase and most adults stop chewing and being destructive, for the most part. They normally are potty trained, crate trained, and are much easier to work with because they are adults and have longer attention spans. However buying an adult, you may get unwanted behavior which you need to deal with or fix. Both options are great, but its where you need to decide what YOU and YOUR FAMILY want in a Basenji.

Four, GENDER.   After you determined the age of your new Basenji, next you will want to determine which gender is right for you. As with puppy and adult; Show vs pet; there are many pro's and con's as to which gender might be right for you and what factors can help you decide the right choice. For Pro's and Con's on gender, Please CLICK HERE.

Five, PAPERWORK.  Once you have chosen the breeder along with the quality, gender and age, now you need to follow through with the procedure.  All responsible breeders will require you fill out some sort of Contract and possibly additional paperwork depending on the Breeder. This is to help ensure they know who the puppy is going to, the person who is adopting them, and so both parties understand the expectations of each other. Some have New Puppy Applications, which is to help find out more about you and your household, to find the purpose of why you are adopting this puppy, and to keep them legally protected against anything that might arise out of an purchase. 

With most Pet quality puppies, there are contracts such as the Spay and Neuter Contract which requires that puppy, by law, to be neutered or spayed. The Purchase Contract which is the main contract stating guidelines and information pertaining to the purchase and to both qualities.  Some Breeders will have Pet Contracts which are specific to Pet quality puppies. This includes a more detailed contract of what is required for a Pet Quality puppy only. Then of course there are different contracts for Show Quality puppies. The Show Quality puppies are placed without spay and neuter contracts, as this would make them invalid for the show ring. Most breeders will offer a co-ownership with their show puppies to ensure they are actually shown and not just bred continuously, without health testing, or without care for their health and well being. Show Contracts are put in effect, sometimes, to ensure that the Buyer and Breeder understand what is expected of them with this puppy and helps to make co ownerships easier. They also may have a co ownership contract which lays down the guidelines for the co ownership, when it can be terminated, what is required from both parties, etc. Health Guarantee and puppy packets may accompany a puppy if the Breeder so chooses. And its possible they have Additional paperwork that applies.

Six, COST. Now that you have determined the first 5 processes of finding a Basenji, now you will need to find out how much your Basenji is going to cost. Most breeders will require a deposit (generally half the adoption fee but it depends on the breeder and the adoption price. This fee is usually non refundable.) The Deposit is used to help ensure the breeder that you are 100% positive you want to adopt a certain puppy. After the deposit is made, your puppy is no longer available to the public. That puppy is considered yours (or a puppy, matching your desires for color and gender, in that litter at least.)  Then you will be required to pay for the adoption fee. The Deposit is generally taken out of the adoption fee (ex: your puppy is $1500 and a deposit is $500. You then owe an additional $1000.oo for the remaining purchase price) 

Depending on which quality you choose is how you will determine how much more money you owe the breeder. An Adoption Contract will state all and any needed to know information.  Some Breeders will choose more for show quality puppies than pet quality puppies. Others will charge the same for both, but require a co ownership on any pet quality. For Pet quality, Some breeders will also withhold any registration papers/health result forms until spay and neuter has been provided.

Seven, SHIPPING. How will you get your Basenji home? There are many options offered by breeders as to how to get your new dog home. Like most breeders, we offer shipping in the following forms: Airline Travel, Ground Transport, Pick up, and occasionally Delivery. You will need to determine what way of transport you wish to use. The buyer is responsible for costs pertaining to transporting the new dog to its new home.  

For your convenience, we offer a few different options for shipping.

Self Pick up. Our most preferred method of transport is for the new adopter to come and pick up their new companion in person. This way they get to come out and see our kennel, visit with us in person, and meet the other Basenjis and the parents of their puppy. We are located in Mitchell, South Dakota. We would love to meet all of our new adopters in person, however we know that for everyone, this is not always an option. Which is why we also offer:

Airline Travel.  For those of you who wish to have your pet flown, we also provide airline shipping. This is our least preferred option. Shipping prices vary with airlines and depending upon which airline we use, please contact us for a price. We ship our puppies out of our main airport located in Sioux Falls, SD. There are rules and regulations that all breeders must follow when it comes to shipping a puppy. If we dont use a service, we have to go off of what the airlines charge at that current time in addition to the Health Certificate and the Travel Crate. Prices vary.

Personal Breeder Delivery.  Finally, if you are within a reasonable distance, we are willing to meet you for a set price and if we are able to. We also do airline travel. You pay for our plane ticket and we will take the puppy in the cabin with us and deliver the puppy for you. Sometimes this is a nice option for owners who are just to far to drive to.  For a more reliable price and more details on this option, Please contact us via phone or email.

Eight, WHEN. When can you take your Basenji home? Are there any rules and restrictions that you need to know that the breeder might have before you can take a Basenji home? At Amore Basenjis, we never allow our puppies to leave until they are at least 8 weeks old, however we recommend they stay until they are 9 or 10 weeks old for added socialization. A puppy needs time to develop and socialize and it is vital for a puppy to be with its mother until it is at least 8 weeks old, if not longer, so that she can teach the puppy the necessities of life.  

Before you can take one of our Basenjis home we do require permanent identification (microchip) to be enrolled in AKC CAR. All of our puppies are microchipped free of charge before leaving. With that being said, we do require puppies be enrolled in a microchip program to ensure they are returned and the microchip is not wasted. This is required before they leave our home.

Nine, CONTACT. Keep in contact with your breeder. A good breeder cares about their puppies and wants to know their puppies are safe and healthy and loved. Updates and Photos mean the WORLD to us.  They make our day special and truly change our lives. Especially when we see how happy the puppies are and how enriched we have made your life, the Buyer.

As a breeder, i plead with you to keep in contact with me so that I can watch my puppies grow up and mature into beautiful adults. It is my biggest satisfaction, to be able to see them grow up in a loving home. If at any time, Amore Basenjis would like it to be clear that any unwanted basenjis adopted from Amore Basenjis are asked to be returned to us or at least with our help in finding a new home for the dog if you cannot keep him/her. Please do not adopt from Amore Basenjis if you do not plan on keeping in contact with us for this puppy's life. We truly and honestly strive to know they are well and happy.

Ten, ENJOY. Enjoy your life with your new companion. You have gone through the process of finding the right puppy and finding a responsible breeder. Well done! 

Treat  your new puppy like a part of the family. Be responsible in the decisions you make when it pertains to your new Basenji. This basenji will be with you for the next 10-20 years so be prepared to have them for that long. Love him and care for him and enjoy him. Time flies and pretty soon, you'll have a dedicated old family member sleeping next to you on the couch, where has time gone!

And lastly, HAVE FUN!!