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Amore Basenjis

Happy Dogs.                                                              Happy Families.

Dear Puppy Buyer,

     In an effort to continue to improve our breeding program, we have developed this questionnaire to help us gather information about the dogs we produce. Although we hope your dog is healthy in all respects, it is vital to our breeding program that we gather precise information about any health problems your dog experiences. This data will enable us to make better future breeding decisions to further our goal of breeding better dogs.  

     Each year around your dog’s birthday , we would love to see some photos so we can see how they have matured. We will also send out a birthday wish to you and the litter IF we can get all of the pictures from everyone in the litter (to show a current photo of the litter)  We love to hear from our puppy buyers at any and all times, of course, and hope that you will keep us informed of your dog’s health and happiness throughout his or her life.  We also ask that, if something should change in this questionnaire, that you please let us know. We will send this questionnaire out every 5 years (so that you dont have to fill it out quite so often but so that we can still get the vital information we need to continue to improve our breeding program. The first will be around 2 years of age as that is the basic age of maturity, the second should be around age 7,and the 3rd  should be around age 12. We appreciate those of you who want to go above and beyond and send this back more often than that.    


     The questions provided are for the SOLE purpose of improving the Amore Basenjis breeding program by producing better, healthier, happier, and well adjusted family pets. The answers to all of the questions within this follow up are kept confidential and will NOT be shared with anyone outside of Amore Basenjis. Please feel safe to answer truthfully so that we can improve our lines to create better dogs that future buyers, like yourself, would enjoy!   Please return a completed questionnaire, by email to [email protected], or mail it to us at the address at the bottom of each page.  


     We thank you in advance for helping us in this effort and we appreciate you being apart of our extended Family. We hope that you have enjoyed it so far and that you have had the best possible experience with us, with your new dog, and with the whole puppy buying process.  

Signed, Your Breeder    
          Whitney Podhradsky