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The Birthing of our very first homebred litter and our very first puppy born here at Amore Basenjis!!!!!

Pregnancy and birth can be a very nerve wracking thing for first time mommas and pet parents. Its best to familiarize yourself with what to expect when your bitch is pregnant so that you can be there to help aid her when and if she should need it. Here are some pictures to help show you what to expect when your bitch is about to deliver, while deliver, and after delivering.

Bitch will start to become wrestless. She will start digging at the ground trying to find a good place to have her puppies. Make sure you have a whelping box for your bitch to have her puppies, so that they can be born in a safe place. 

She will continue and dig and act uncomfortable laying down, but not for long. She may try to bite up material in the whelping box and move it around to try to become comfortable.

Soon the bitch will start having contractions. When the puppy is near the "escape route" she should lift her tail to get it out of the way. You will see the stomach tighten up and release continuously for a few seconds. Contractions will start getting closer together.

After the bitch's contractions are more steady, you will start to see a small ball that is known as the amniotic sac. Its possible for this ball to pop inside of her (or the bitch may bite and rupture it) which is fine. Delivery of the puppy should soon follow. There should be a puppy within 20 minutes of this rupturing.

Look closely and you can see the one leg, the tail,
and the tip of the toes on the other paw! Dont be alarmed if your bitch screams out. This is labor, its not a piece of cake! Just talk to her and comfort her. Do not attempt to help her pull it out, as you may get bit yourself or you may harm the puppy or its mother. Let mother nature take its course

Now you see the leg(brindle)/paw(white). If the bitch is having trouble or you feel uncomfortable or that there is something wrong, have your Veterinarians telephone number handy in case you need to call him/her!

After a little push, you can see the white under part of the tummy. Momma is about to break open the sac where the tail is.

Mother is in the process of grabbing the sac to break it open. this puppies head is still inside of the mother. Its tail and most of its body is already delivered.

The mother has broken the sac, releasing the puppy's feet and tail. The mother will soon bite down to release the puppy from the rest of the sac.

Mother has eaten all of the amniotic sac and has allowed the puppy to be free'd from its previous holding sac. The puppy is still attached by the umbilical cord which will be cut by the mother biting through it (or a breeder that interferes and does it themselves)

Once the mother frees the puppy from the amniotic sac, the mother must lick the puppy's mouth to ensure its ability to breathe. If the mother does not do this, you must take a cloth and gently wipe the puppies mouth and body to stimulate it to cry and "rush" the fluids out of its breathing quarters.

The mother will continue to lick and clean the puppy until it is dried off. Mother  may tr to get some extra sleep while the puppy attempts to nurse itself. Another puppy, if there are more, should arrive within one hour. Any longer than 1 1/2-3 hours and a veterinarian should be called as there may be complications.

This is what a newborn Basenji puppy looks like!! They will still be wet until the mother licks them clean and dry. Dont be alarmed if the puppy does not become dry right away. If mother is having more puppies, she will need to turn her attention to the next puppy to ensure it is relieved of its amniotic sac and able to breathe.

It is then instinctive for the puppy to try and attempt to succle. Dont worry if the puppy does not succle right away or attempts and fails many times. They will eventually get it right. You may have to help try to point the puppy in the right direction. After all, puppies are blind and deaf for their first week or two of life.

This is our first little Basenji puppy born Dec 6, 2012! She has 2 more sisters and a little brother