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Amore Basenjis

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Health Problems in the Basenji

Amore Basenjis is dedicated to producing happy and healthy puppies. We health test all of our breeding dogs to ensure the puppies that we produce, will have the highest chance of being happy and healthy family members. We do, however, understand that mother nature can throw curve balls and not everything is black and white. So although we do fully CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) certify our breeding dogs, we understand (and want you to understand) that puppies still can develop issues not yet testable in the breed. We try our best, by health testing for what we can health test against/prevent, and to provide support and assistance for those things that we cannot health test against.

BCOA Explains:

Basenjis are a natural breed and are relatively healthy. Like all breeds, there are disorders that may occur more often in this breed than in dogs in general, or that are uncommon but known or suspected to be inherited. When evaluating health information, it is important to distinguish between the need for concern in planning breeding and evaluating its consequences for breed health, versus the likelihood of encountering the disorder in a pet. Health testing is important for the gene pool, not just for individual dogs that will be bred, to insure we have a good handle on overall gene pool health.

A problem that is rare or that has relatively little effect on the life of most dogs with the disorder may still be extremely important to check for in breeding, since without such checks, problems may rapidly become much more common.

Below is a list of problems that are believed to have a hereditary component and are found in Basenjis.  Click each item to obtain more information for both Owners and Breeders.

Very educational link on genetics and learning how things are inherited: