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Umbilical and Inguinal Hernias

BCOA Explains:

Umbilical hernias are very common in Basenjis, with most being minor hernias that do not normally cause problems for the dog.

For the Owner

Umbilical hernias can be repaired at any time; the surgery is often done when a pet is spayed or neutered or during any other procedure requiring anesthesia. Small closed hernias generally do not cause problems; large or open hernias can cause problems if a loop of intestine gets caught in the hernia. Some breeders routinely repair even small closed hernias. Dogs which have had umbilical hernias repaired are still eligible for participation in AKC conformation events.

Inguinal hernias are uncommon in Basenjis. They generally do require surgical repair. Dogs with repaired inguinal hernias are not eligible for participation in AKC conformation events.

For Breeders

Small closed umbilical hernias generally are not an issue in breeding, although selection away from umbilical hernias is desirable. Large or open hernias should be considered as a strike against breeding stock.

Inguinal hernias are a serious defect, and dogs with inguinal hernias should not be bred.