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Am Ch Amore I See Stars Svengali

The first bred by bitch to be born here at Amore Basenjis, Lola has come quite a long way in her 2 years of life. I have to say, I am so proud of all that she has accomplished.  In just 3 short months, and 4 shows, Lola has far out passed my expectations for her. At our very first show weekend out, Lola was 7 months old. She ended up taking Winners Bitch all 3 days of the show, taking home 3- 3pt majors! She also took Best Of Breed on the second day and went on to achieve a group 2 also!!  She continued on to get a group 1 in Bred By Competition and it was such a great experience. Unfortunately, I didn't realize we were supposed to go up against the other groups to see who got Best puppy in show! (ya, i know. what a dork!) ;) So, we didn't get to have that chance, but, after that whole weekend, I was so far in the clouds, it didn't matter. She did so well, and I was so proud of her. At 8 months, she took a 4 point major with some very beautiful dogs. At 9 months, she took at 5pt major, beating multiple GCHs and was Best of Winners under the number 2 Basenji in the Nation at the time! By 10 months, she finished her championship with the final point she needed.  She has continued on, now with only limited showing, to achieve an additional 6 points towards her GCH. We plan to continue this on. 

Lola is such a spunky little girl.  She loves to be indepenent and on her own but when she gets tired, she does enjoy a good snuggling from the humans she loves. 

Lola is a gorgeous light brindle with very nice dark black stripes that illuminates her coat. She was born Dec 6, 2012 to Can CH Africanadian Mia of Ahmahr Nahr and MBISS/Am DC/Can Ch/BIS Mex Ch/FCI Int'l Ch/Panamerican Ch Zindika Svengali Determinator SC. She has 2 other sisters, both dark brindles, and a big brother too, who is a black brindle.

We are so proud of how far Lola has come and we look forward to continuing her showing career but also enjoying her as our pet and companion. 

Health Testing Results

Fanconi:                   Direct Clear
PRA:                        Clear
Eyes:                        PPM Iris to Iris in Right Eye, Left Eye Normal
Thyroid:                   OFA Normal
Hips:                        OFA Good

Sire and Dam



*Photo Taken by Whitney Podhradsky

                                                     *Photo Taken by Whitney Podhradsky

Fanconi Clear

PRA Clear

Hips OFA Good

Eyes: Normal

Owned by: Carol Wyatt

Fanconi Clear

PRA Clear

Eyes: Normal

Hips Prelim Good (20 mos)

Thyroid: Normal

Previously Owned by Whitney Podhradsky
Currently Owned by:  Sanda Allen

Health Test Results

Lola's Fanconi Results

Lola's PRA Results

Lola's Eye Cerf Results

Lola's Hip Results

Lola's Thyroid Results

Lola's AKC Registration

Lola's Pedigree

Show Progress

FIRST SHOW!! Bismarck, North Dakota
Friday Aug 2, 2013:  Lola took a 3 pt major when she took won Winners Bitch and got a Best of Opposites. She looked awesome and she did such a great job in the ring. For her very first show, she stunned me! Lola was 7 months old

Saturday Aug 3, 2013:Lola took another major today! She took winners bitch again and the BOB over two very gorgeous specials! 

Later that day, She went on to achieve a Group 2!! 

Her very first weekend out, Lola is doing phenomenally well and we are so excited to have her as a part of our breeding and showing program! 

Sunday Aug 4, 2013::  Lola took another Major win, making that 3 consecutive majors in a row on her VERY first show weekend!!!!!! On the final day of the show when she took winners bitch in the class! We have tallied our points up to 9 points, majors all aside! We are very excited to hopefully continue this wonderful journey! She is only 7 months old!

SECOND SHOW:   Helena, Montana
Sunday Sept 22, 2013::  Lola takes Best of Winners, right under the BOB and #2 Basenji in the Nation, for a 5 point major! beating both specials and Grand champions!! She now has 14 points and needs one single to finish. She is only 9 months old!

FOURTH SHOW!!  Rapid City, South Dakota
Saturday October 19, 2013::  Lola takes Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for her final point!! 
                        LOLA IS NOW OFFICIALLY A CHAMPION!!! 
               She finishes her championship at only 10 months old!!

--------------------------------------------------------GCH-------------------------------------------------------FIFTH SHOW: (First GCH show) Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Friday October 25, 2013:  Lola takes Best of Breed!! Unfortunately she was not moved up, from the regular classes into the BOB class as a Champion... my fault... so she did not get her GCH point. A bummer, but Still a nice job that she got BOB! 

Saturday October 26, 2013 Lola takes Best of Breed again!!  She receives her first Grand Champion Point! Congrats little Lola, you did so well! Under Judge Judy Webb

Sunday October 27, 2013: Lola takes Best of Breed once more and receives her second grand championship point! Congrats my dear little lola!  Under judge Paula Hartinger.

SIXTH SHOW:  Mitchell, Nebraska
Friday, March 28, 2014: Lola takes Select Bitch for another GCH point.
Saturday, March 28, 2014: Lola takes Select Bitch for yet another GCH point.
Sunday, March 28, 2014: Lola takes Select Bitch for her 5th GCH point.