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Male VS Female

The Pros and Cons


Pros and cons when owning a male dog. Un-neutered vs neutered.

Males tend to spray their urine on vertical objects to other males can smell it—it’s a way mark their territory to show other males they are the alpha of this terrain

Males can become aggressive if not allowed to breed due to a rise in hormones, Which is why it is recommended to neuter your dog if you do not have intentions of showing and breeding.

They are more likely to pick fights with other non neutered males—meaning your male could become an aggressor or a victim of a passing male aggression

Sexually aroused males can be embarrassing in mixed company. Unneutered males often lick their genitals. They also hump other dogs, pillows, stuffed animals, and sometimes your visitor's legs.

Males become distracted and can be hard to train, especially if a female is near

Males tend to roam large distances to find a female to breed with—causing you to have pound fees if your dog gets picked up by the animal control officer.

Males can get extremely agitated—whinning, drooling, pacing, and sometimes escaping the house or yard if a female that is in heat is around—this is because females in heat give off chemical pheromones that can be scented from a mile away!

Males are more likely to challenge your rules and commands, because their increased testosterone goads them to resisting authority—possibly creating an aggressive male

Neutering a male can prevent behavioral problems

It costs money to neuter a male however it is worth the money for the dog’s safety and to avoid unwanted puppies and expenses

Neutering a male dog means they will be taken in for surgery and put under anesthesia. There is always a risk with general anesthesia however there is this risk with any surgery.

Owners have a fear for obesity, however feeding on a strict schedule can help this fear. Daily exercise also helps.

The reason this sometimes happens is because there are changes in your dog’s hormonal make-up and metabolism after being neutered. Neutered dogs don’t need require as much food and owners may not know that. This is why some dogs become obese. Don’t forget to give them plenty of physical exercise. Not all neutered and spayed dogs become fat.

Neutering a dog will not allow you to breed him to a female

You can register your dog with AKC and show him at dog shows if intact, but if you dont have papers, you cannot show him and shouldnt breed him. Also some Breeders restrict breeding with Pet Quality puppies 

These show cost a lot of money, are hard to get into, and can be unentertaining

Neutering can help prevent health problems

Neutering offers 100% protection against testicular tumors and partial protection against prostate diseases and perianal tumors-both stimulated by testosterone.

If one or both testicles do not drop into the scrotum, neutering is essential because the retained testicle is very likely to develop a tumor.

In Many communities, license fees are lower for neutered males

Neutering a male at 6 months of age, or before his hormones begin to boost, that should eliminate any marking of the territory. HOWEVER, it is recommended that you wait until 18 months because the bones have not completely formed yet and neutering early can cause bone issues. Learn more by clicking on this article: http://puppyculture.com/appropriate-exercise.html

Marking is a learned habit and it you cut off the hormones by neutering before he learns what marking is, males make wonderful pets.

Neutered males are generally a little more affectionate than females, however unneutered males can be affectionate also

Information about Females


Pros and Cons when owning a female; spayed vs. un-spayed

During a heat period, the genitals have a bloody discharge, which can stain her coat along with your carpet, furniture, and more.

She spends a lot of time licking her private parts.

She may flirt shamelessly with other dogs, presenting her rump to encourage other dogs to mount her. She may even mount other dogs or hump pillows and stuffed toys

If your female is in heat, you cannot leave her unattended in the yard for a single minute. Roaving males will take advantage of this opportunity and try to mount her, sometimes being effective and creating an unwanted litter

Vacations and other trips may have to wait since there is a high chance for her to escape. Friends and relatives may not appreciate a visit when your dog discharges tempting scents on their doorstep. And leaving an unsprayed female with a pet sitter or at a boarding kennel is extremely risky because of the extreme requirements for vigilance.

Spaying prevents all the nuisances and inconveniences of heat periods

Giving birth to a litter of puppies, or just one for that matter, can endanger your dog’s life.

Spaying prevents all risks and possibilities of pregnancy

Un-spayed females have a 1-in-4 chance of developing breast tumors at some point in their lives. Spaying a female drops that chance to a 1-in-15 proportion.

Spaying offers partial protection against breast cancer.

Some females that are not spayed go into a false pregnancy. Their bellies get larger and they can produce milk. This may sound harmless but the hormonal change associated with a false pregnancy can be very stressful and can leave her more susceptible to illness and infection

Spaying offers 100% protection against false pregnancies

Pyometra and endometritis are common in unsprayed females and these infections can strike quickly and kill your beloved canine.

Spaying offers 100% protection against uterine infections

In many communities, license fees are lower for a spayed female