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Amore Basenjis

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Amore's Reach For The Stars


We warmly welcome the New Years Day "Stars" 2016 Litter and the next step in our journey for us here at Amore Basenjis. Nemo is apart of the first litter of Second Generation puppies here at Amore and we couldnt have been more blessed.

Nemo and his litter were "Puppy Culture" Raised and we are beyond thrilled and amazed at the difference between this litter and previous (non puppy culture) litters.  Super laid back, very sweet, loving, super smart, and problem solvers. Nemo is one of the most lovey boys I have ever met, and why wouldnt he be, Daddy Winston has one of the best temperaments I have ever seen, in addition to the Puppy Culture raising. :)

I cannot wait until he gets to enter his first show and really show me what he has. For now, he will just sit back, learn, enjoy, and be a "momma's boy"

Stacked Photos of Nemo

Nemo at 9 weeks

Nemo at 8 weeks

Nemo at 7 weeks

Nemo at age 6 weeks