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Amore Basenjis

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Amore Basenjis

Health Tested.  Family. Top Quality. Dedication. Love. Responsibility. Personality & Temperament.  Honesty.

These are just a few of the words that we ... Amore Basenjis .... live by.  Why??

Because          we          care.

Health Tested.  We feel very strongly about breeding dogs that can be the best that they can possibly be. In order to do that, health testing is a must! You cannot guarantee a healthy dog if you dont know where it is coming from. You cannot guarantee a dog if you dont know what the parents are genetically nor can you know what to expect. So how can you guarantee anything unless you health test? This is why I have gone through and health tested all of my breeding stock. I have the paperwork to prove it because I am not willing to gamble the health of that sweet little heartbeat that romps around so innocently. They are my life and if they are not healthy and happy, then I most definitely am not happy. Healthy parents create healthy puppies, so we also require any show prospect to be CHIC certified prior to breeding. Although not a requirement at this time, we do recommend all pets be CHIC certified as well. The more we know about our lines and the puppies we produce, health wise, the better we can continue to produce healthy dogs for our wonderful buyers.

Family. We know, What most families' want is just a healthy companion to live out life and love for the rest of their life. When you are looking for a family member, we understand. We all want a healthy puppy that we can enjoy their companionship for a long time to come. We agree. Which is why temperament is a huge deal to us and why it is a vital part in our breeding. In fact, it is our most important factor in what we decide to breed (with an equal importance on health). We always strive to use nice tempered dogs so that the next generation will be nice tempered. We also take it a step further and raise all of our puppies with Puppy Culture! This amazing way of raising puppies produces puppies that are more stable, less fearful and better able to cope with and recover from stressful and frightening experiences. It is for the future of our puppies and we raise all puppies with it

Top Quality. Our dogs are bred at a "High Standard" sort of way. We want to produce top quality dogs that may one day become champions or Best In Show winners. Of course we also want them to become valued members of the family. We do not believe in producing a litter just for pet quality, but are always happy when they end up in wonderful spay/neuter pet homes. However, a high goal of ours is to breed and produce for the show ring, even if not all of our puppies end up there. Generally if we decide to breed a litter, we have decided on this mating so that we may keep a puppy back for the future of our lines and for the fun and excitement we get when the puppy enters the show ring! Our goal is to breed for ourselves for the future of Basenjis, but of course not all puppies end up in show rings so it is the wonderful pet homes that call these puppies family.

Dedication. We are dedicated to the improvement of the Basenji breed. There are thousands and thousands of years of hard work that went into preserving the Basenji that we know and love today. We strive to continue that conservation process and to breed as close to AKC standards as possible, while keeping amazing temperaments, and to continue the uniqueness that is -- The Basenji. It is up to us, as Breeders to help maintain the purity of this breed and to help it become all that it can be. By looking into pedigrees, researching a dog and its family, health, etc, we can continue to improve the breed and be dedicated to that elegant dog.

Love. We love our dogs more than most people understand. Our dogs are not just dogs that are bred and kept for making money. Our dogs are a part of our family. They live indoors with us and we keep a limited amount of dogs so that we can ensure everyone is well loved and the best that they can be. (This is why we often have available adults for sale, these (generally) retired show dogs are usually fully health tested and you can have piece of mind knowing their future. Others have come back for some reason, maybe it didnt work out well. YOU CAN FIND AVAILABLE ADULTS HERE.) Our dogs at home have rules, boundaries, limitations, but they get lots of love as well.  They are spoiled rotten and cared for just like they're a part of our family. They sleep in our home, usually in our beds under the covers--Right where a Basenji belongs!! Our dogs do not live in kennels or a kennel environment (though are sometimes put in crates while we are away.) We also help ensure they become accustomed to crates at a very young age. This helps to transition them for their new lives with their new owners, The new owners appreciate this. :) 

Responsibility. As a Breeder who breeds to improve and not to get rich, it is my job and our right as a breeder to protect our puppies. We want what is best for them and at a young age, it is our responsibility to provide proper socialization so that as adults, our puppies will flourish and grow and will be less likely to produce unwanted behaviors. They travel with us to the pet friendly stores, go for walks, take long hikes, go to the dog park for friends and more socialization, go on road trips, and we all go to dog shows! We also strongly recommend our buyers continue socializing after they take home their new puppy, well into adulthood. The first 12 weeks is the critical socialization period, so it is vital that within this time, safe socialization encounters are presented to the puppy. We strongly feel responsible for all of the puppies we produce and ensure all puppy owners that we are here for them, 24/7 for the lifetime of any Amore puppy or dog. We want it to be clear to all of our potential owners that if for any reason, any and all puppies produced from our kennel are welcome back at any time, for any reason, in their lifetime, regardless of age. We love our puppies and adults. They are family no matter how long they are gone or no matter how far away they go. We love updates and encourage these as the updates and pictures make the whole breeding experience all worth while. We want them to be safe and healthy in a home forever, and for that reason we feel strongly about our Basenjis being returned if they can no longer be apart of the family.

Personality & Temperament. It is our priority to produce dogs of sound temperament and loving personalities. We want our Basenjis to be a loving part of a happy family. We dont breed to produce pets that are aggressive and unmanageable. We are careful in choosing personalities and temperaments, from that of the parents, so that their exceptional traits can be handed down to their children. We want "Our" beloved pets to become "Your" beloved pets. It is for that reason that we strive so hard to achieve well balanced Basenjis. We want our potential families to enjoy their new Basenji and to want to have them for years and years to come. We strive to make an ideal house pet but we also try to excel in the show ring to make a beautiful, ideal house pet! 

Honesty.  Ever since i was young, I have despised liars. And since then and to this day, I strive to be an honest person. I will not knowingly sell a sick puppy to anyone, I will not lie to make a sale, nor will I lie to a person about whether or not I feel my dogs are right for them. I do not lie to "get ahead" and I am a very friendly, outgoing person. I feel very strongly that lying is not something that should be done and whether its to Family or a new Buyer, lying is not a part of my daily output. If I don't think you are right for one of my puppies, I will tell you so. I care deeply about my family-- About My Basenji Family. Puppies are my life and my passion and I will ensure that their safety and health is the the number one priority and that it is as important to the new puppy owner as it is to me.

When your Ready, your Ready.

Basenji's are great dogs but of course, like any dog, they are not for everyone. They are full of mischief, energy, spunk, and they can be destructive, naughty, and make you want to pull your hair out. ....but once you realize you love them, they will grasp onto your heart and never let it go...You'll never get away again! ;)

We love visitors! Please contact us for visitation times and we would be happy to allow you to meet our Basenjis, or a Basenji in person if you have not done so before! Or if you just want some "Basenji time", maybe you used to own one and have not for a while.. We are always happy to fulfill that void too! We would be happy to allow you time to play with our Basenjis and the Basenjis like it too!  They enjoy visitors as much as us!

Additional Information and Contact

Have some questions regarding this wonderful breed?? Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, interests, concerns, or other inquiries about our Basenjis. We can be reached at [email protected] or feel free to call us at (605) 630-1946. We are located near Mitchell, South Dakota.

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