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Amore Basenjis

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Buying and Paying for a Puppy

When Buying a puppy from Amore Basenjis, I do offer payment plans for those who need them. 

I understand money can be an issue sometimes but I commend you on your choice for a healthier, happier puppy and Kudos to you for spending that extra money to ensure you have a lifetime companion. Puppy Mill prices can be appealing, but when you think about the thousands you could spend in vet bills, the upfront cost of a well bred, health tested, healthy and happy puppy is a much better choice! 

I am willing to work with you on almost any payment plan if you discuss with me what your plans are for payments. All puppies are to be paid in full before any puppy is allowed to leave our residence. 

Accepted payment methods:

o    Cash is always accepted at the time of pickup (A receipt will be given)

o    PayPal is accepted from confirmed accounts with all Paypal transaction fees being that of the buyer (for a deposit only)

o    We accept personal checks which we deposit into our account. Before we can ship a puppy or before you come to pick up a puppy, all personal checks must be cleared through my bank

Unaccepted payment methods:

o    I do not accept credit cards or debit cards

o    I do not accept cashier’s checks due to internet scamming

o    I do not accept money orders due to the Nigerian check scam warnings on the internet