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Amore Basenjis

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Amore's Policies and Procedures

As a Breeder, we are dedicated to the health and well being of our puppies. We have a few rules in which all buyers must follow. If you are interested in buying a puppy from us, please read the following carefully and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We love our dogs, we treat them as family. We hope that you will treat them as family also when you open your heart to one of our puppies.

We want to ensure that the puppies we produce end up in wonderful homes and if for any reason something should happen, we want to make sure they are well cared for their whole life. Returning a puppy to us is ALWAYS recommended/required if you cannot keep your puppy anymore. 

Contracts and Paperwork

With every responsible breeder, (who cares about their puppies and their new buyers) come contracts. We use these for our records and to protect both, You as the Buyers, and Us as the Breeders. A copy of these documents will be sent home along with your new little Basenji Puppy. To find out more about what your puppy will come with, Click Here

Deposit Contract. We have a Deposit Contract which helps ensure both Buyer and Breeder's safety. As a Breeder, we get many different inquiries about our puppies. To ensure we have serious inquiries, we do require a deposit.  For only puppies who ARE born, we accept deposits on as many puppies as we have in the litter, deposits are in the amount of $500.00. This shows how much of a deposit is placed, what color and gender you are looking for, and some general rules on purchasing an Amore Basenji. The deposit will go towards the purchase price of your puppy. This deposit is NON REFUNDABLE and failure to complete purchase loses deposit

Puppy Purchase Agreement. We have a Purchase Agreement for all puppy buyers. This is to be completed before any puppies leave our residence. This helps us determine which quality puppy you are interested in (Pet or Show) (Breeding or Spay/Neuter) and gives you, as the buyer, an Idea of what is expected from you and what is expected from us. It also helps us keep your contact information, etc safe within our records, should we need to contact you before or after the puppy leaves our home.

Health Warranty. We offer a Lifetime Health Warranty against Fanconi for all of our puppies.  In addition, we offer a 5 year Health warranty against Blinding eye diseases, Crippling Hip Dysplasia, and against the gene tested PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) affliction.  Before breeding, WE DO health test all of OUR personal breeding stock to ensure healthier, happier puppies. Mothers have been Fanconi, Thyroid, Hip X-ray, CAER/CERF, and PRA tested. Males will preferably have all (or some degree) of these tests.

We do offer Show and Pet Quality puppies. 

SHOW QUALITY: Show quality puppies are available to APPROVED responsible owners and breeders who have intentions of showing this puppy in conformation (agility, lure coursing, etc) and possibly breeding in the future. We do sell to new time breeders who are just starting out and to those who have been breeding for years and years to come. With Show quality puppies we have (the above mentioned contracts) along with the following Contracts:

                  -Show Contract MALE or Show Contract FEMALE

                  -Co Ownership Contract

                  -Others may apply


PET QUALITY: Pet quality puppies are available to those who have no intentions of breeding or showing. For those who just want a pet to do daily activities with, share their everyday lives with, and just to have a family companion to love and cherish as apart of the family until they pass on from this life. If your looking for a best friend to help fulfill life's difficult times with no intentions of puppies, This quality is for you. Pet quality puppies (in addition to the above mentioned contracts) have the following contracts:

                   -Pet Contract

                   -Spay and Neuter Contract

                   -Others may apply                  

Temperament Evaluation and Choice Picks

We reserve the right to choose OUR FIRST PICK PUPPY, first --As that is our whole intentions of breeding-- to pick a puppy for our showing and future breeding program.

Any deposit placed on a puppy will guarantee you ONE puppy from said litter, however said puppy will likely not be known until the puppies reach 8 weeks of age. 

This is due to conformation and temperament testings which are done at 7-8 weeks old. Please understand puppies are not chosen until they have undergone these evaluations and are characterized as pet or show quality.

After we take our pick, we will go through the "Puppy Placement Forms" which are filled out by potential Buyers. We find which homes best suit the personality of the puppies that we currently have. (Just because you dont get a puppy from a current litter, does not mean you are not suited for an Amore Puppy, it just means that there were better suitors for the puppies that were curently on the ground.) We do our best to place our puppies in homes that will best compliment them and we do this because we want you, as the Buyer, to be happy with your new puppy, and we want our puppies to find their permanent homes the first time. By placing a deposit, you understand that you are guaranteed ONE puppy for the deposit, however the particular puppy you are guaranteed, will not be known until around 7 or 8 weeks of age, after the evaluation stages have been performed. 

Please understand we know our puppies and their personalities best and we want our puppies to go to homes where they--and their owners--will be happy and live for a lifetime. So although we will TRY to get the puppy you originally wanted, NO GUARANTEES CAN BE MADE. If a different puppy fits your lifestyle and your family better than the puppy you chose, we hope that you will understand and trust in us, as Breeders, to place the right puppy with you. We just want what is best for our puppies.

Updates and Photos

As an Buyer of an Amore Basenjis, please understand that we truly and deeply care about our puppies. As stated in our contract, we do require updates in the form of photos and updates on how the puppy is doing. This means more to us than anything, to know they are safe and to be able to stay apart of their lives until they depart this life. If you do not wish to keep in contact or send us photos/updates, please do not purchase one of our puppies as this is non negotiable. We love our puppies far to much to not be able to know how they are and to not be able to watch them grow in their new family's homes.

We send out Birthday Announcements which include an updated photo (of each puppy born in your puppy's litter) and it is sent to every owner in the litter. To see how the "family" is growing. This is fun to see how big and grown up they are. This is done on their first birthday (So please be prepared to send a yearly photo for the collage of your new best friend) and, although it may not be every year, we try to do this on occasion after the first year. This is why its important that we get updates of one year photos at least, however more is always better. We are always so excited to open our email and see updates from our past puppy litters!

We hope that you have had a connection with us, as a breeder, and would WANT to stay in our lives and want us to stay in you and your puppy's life.

Please understand that we will not willingly sell a puppy to a buyer who just wants a dog and not a family member. We dont want to sell to someone who feels we are not worthy enough to experience a photo now and then. These are not just dogs, they are our family and will forever be our family, even when they leave us, until they pass away.

Transportation Arrangements

Shipping and Transportation is at the Buyer's expense. We do not pay for any type of shipping for our puppies.Please understand that we require ALL puppies and adults to be picked up in person, we do not allow air flights (unless you travel in cabin with the puppy) and we do not allow cargo shipments or ground transport (unless it is the Breeder and Buyer meeting)

We will happily deliver our puppies, personally, via in cabin air travel. This is at the buyer's expense but we gladly offer this option so that the Buyer doesnt have to fly if they cannot for some reason. You simply buy a ticket for Us (Normally Whitney) and we will personally deliver your puppy, in hand, at the airport. You are welcome to purchase a flight and come to us yourself also!

We accept the following:
In Cabin Shipping *Recommended*
In Person Pick up *Recommended*

Meeting at a mutually agreed upon location *Recommended*

Ground Transport *NOT accepted*

In Cargo shipping *NOT accepted*


Important Note!

ALL BASENJIS SHOULD BE MINIMUM TESTED FOR FANCONI (and PRA), regardless of pet or show quality. 


Health Testing

Amore Basenjis is dedicated to producing healthy, happy puppies. With that to be possible, its very important health testing is carried out. We health test all of our at home breeding stock (bitches and studs) and when we sell a Show Quality puppy, we also require the new puppy be CHIC CERTIFIED and FULLY health tested before any breeding takes place. 

As the new owner, it is your responsibility to get health testing for our common HEALTH PROBLEMS. Please do your research before purchasing a puppy. Although Basenjis are a mostly healthy breed, like all breeds, they do have health issues that, mostly all, can be avoided by simply testing. As a responsible breeder (and responsible owner) you should health test your puppy for the betterment of the breed. (and to help breeders like myself improve on lines and health by getting pet quality puppies health tested also.)

As a pet quality puppy, the only required tests are Fanconi and PRA. However we do encourage all puppy owners have their puppy completely tested for FANCONI,HIPS, EYES & PRA, and THYROID. This helps us to continue our side of breeding and by learning what health results were produced on our puppies, we can better learn inheritance and our lines and continue to surpass our future buyer's expectations. We do not require the health testing, however we do appreciate and have sincere gratitude for those who can and do perform the health tests on their own for our pet quality puppies. 

As a show quality puppy, it is a requirement for ALL of these tests to be carried out and completed before any breeding: 

PRA and EYES need to be CAER'd annually, 

THYROID needs to be tested at least once, preferrably twice, after the age of two.

HIPS need to be OFA certified after the age of 2

FANCONI needs to be performed at any age (Normally, all puppies are tested before they leave our home)

Failure to do any of these tests may result in AKC paperwork being withheld on all puppies (making them not registerable through AKC--we wont sign off on paperwork unless all health tests have been performed) and/or a violation in the contract could mandate a hefty fine.

Last Updated: 8/31/2016