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Amore Basenjis

Happy Dogs.                                                              Happy Families.

Our Retired Amore Basenjis

We would like to pay tribute to those Basenjis who 
have warmed our hearts and made us into who we are today. 
Click on their photos to learn more about each retiree


Sophie went with a family member and is now spayed and happily living the retired life at 3 years old.


Mia returned to her breeder to have a couple more litters and then retire into the "Good life"

Mia returned to her breeder and is expecting a litter in 2017. 


Flower was spayed and went to a loving home with her full brother in Canada! She is so happy and is enjoying her retired life! She even has a new baby to love and  grow up with!


Franky is living his retirement out with my parents, and Lola. He is very happy to just kick it at home and not have to worry about shows anymore. He loves to snuggle and enjoy the retired life.