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Amore Basenjis

Happy Dogs.                                                              Happy Families.

Its SHOW time!

Mia and myself showing at the Seward Kennel Club in Seward, NE. We got First and Best of Opposites getting 4 points that weekend and bringing our total point tally to 7, only needing 2- 4pt majors to finish.

Mia at the BCOA 2012 Basenji Nationals! A Special thanks to Thomas Meade for handling Mia at the nationals!

Oreo and his breeder's (Cherry Lawson of Lost Ten Basenjis) grand daughter. What a gorgeous picture of them both. Oreo is the father to our boy Franky 

Mia getting a Best Puppy in Group And a Group Second! Shown by her breeder's daughter, Kate Saunders.

Mia on the down and back at the 2012 nationals. She did such a great job. She, along with the top 4 winners, were picked out of the line up to go "strut their stuff."  Though she did a great job, she didnt quite make top 4.

Mia getting another Best Puppy In Group in Canada under her breeder, Sanda Allen.

Franky taking Best of Winners and a 3 pt major at the Topeka KS Dog Show. This was his second show and his second major.

Mia in Canada being shown to her Canadian Championship by her breeder, Sanda Allen of Africanadian Basenjis!

Another gorgeous show photo of Oreo. Winning thclass, Bred By Exhibitor. Oreo is the father to our boy Franky

Mia Coming around the corner at BCOA 2012 nationals in Gettysburg, PA. Strange angle, but lovely trot.

Sophie being shown at the 2012 BCOA Basenji Nationals in Gettysburg, PA by myself. Here I am showing sophie at my first Basenji Nationals. It was such an adrenaline rush but i loved it so much! Sophie did really well for me.

Yet another lovely photo of Oreo. Here oreo took BOB at the Northeast Oklahoma Kennel Club. Oreo is 6 years old now and still looking just as good.

Looking good in the Canadian Ring. Mia brings home another BOB and BPIG. Well done Mia and  thank you to Kate Saunders for handling her.

Lola taking Best of Winners and a 5 point major at the Helena MT Dog Show. This was her 4th major. She also took 3 back to back to back majors in Bismarck, ND and only needs only single to finish her American Championship.

THANK YOU to all of you who have helped with showing the Basenjis of Amore. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. We could not have gotten to where we are without your help and support! A special Thanks to Sarah Lee of Nocturnal Kennels for allowing us the opportunity to own such a wonderful girl, Sophie. She is one of the best dogs you will ever meet! Another Special Thanks to Sanda Allen (Saunders) of Africanadian Basenjis for allowing us the opportunity to own such a gorgeous showy girl, Mia. She has such potential in the ring and we are excited about her and her future litters! And a Special Thanks to Cherry Lawson of Lost Ten Basenjis, for allowing us the opportunity to purchase our first breeding sire, Oreo. He has such a phenomenol temperament, you did such a great job raising him. I cannot wait for him to become apart of my breeding program.  Lastly, I want to thank all of you who have been there for me and who have helped support my dreams in showing and raising Basenjis. Without every single person, including my family, friends, the people who denied me one of their Basenjis and the people who have allowed me to experience the wonderful gift of Basenjis, I thank you. I would not be where i am without you all! THANK YOU!!

All of our Basenjis are our house pets and our family first. We love and enjoy showing but the well being of our dogs is our first priority. We cannot wait to share the love we have for our Basenjis with others who have the same passion.