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Amore Basenjis

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Learning to Show Train your Basenji

Here is a compilation of sites, information, videos, etc that will help you teach your puppy to be all it can be in the show ring!

A great read for those of you who want to free stack train your puppy. I think this looks phenomenal when they can learn it. It looks so much nicer to give cues and make them stand instead of having to physically move their feet to where you want them to be.


Another one by Sue Ailsby


About the Basenji (Animal Planet)

Basenji Trot and Movement

Videos by Will Alexander
Great educational videos

Hard Stack Training

Free Stack Training

Collars and Leads Information

Movement Patterns in the ring

Show Puppy Training Advice

Socialization is always important!

Grooming the Basenji
Videos I have made

Stacking the Basenji  (I made this a few years ago when i first started into showing. There were none so i made my own) :)