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Welcome to Amore Basenjis!

We are members of the Basenji Club of America(BCOA), Are in good standing with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and were participants in the (2015) AKC Bred with HEART program. We are working on our Breeder of Merit program as well.  We also raise our puppies the Puppy Culture Way!!! In addition, We health test all of our breeding stock, here at Amore, to be Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) Certified which means they have been health tested for Fanconi, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Hip X-rayed and evaluated by certified radiologists, Eyes OFA CAER'd (replacement for CERF) by a certified ophthalmologist, and Thyroid panel taken (and submitted to an OFA approved lab), all completed before any breeding takes place. All of our dogs are AKC registered and all puppies leave our home AKC registered to their new owners, among MANY other things. CLICK HERE to find out what each and every one of our puppies come with!

All dogs carrying the "Amore" kennel name will always be our family, and will those people who warmly welcome our family into theirs becomes apart of our "Amore Family" as well. We hope to continue to have a strong and meaningful relationship with all of our puppy Buyers. With this said, we strongly feel attached and responsible for each and every dog we produce and the dogs that carry our kennel name.  We will take any Amore Basenji back, at anytime, for any reason, to ensure their safety and wellness.

The purpose of our breeding and the reason we breed is because of our commitment to the breed and to produce healthy, happy dogs that are both sound in body and in mind.  We strive to produce dogs that meet the AKC Standard while also trying to preserve and improve a solid and amazing temperament. We are active in AKC conformation and have dabbled in lure coursing. We also hope to get started in AKC Agility and possibly obedience as well!

When we choose to breed, we aimed to breed to produce top performance dogs, stunning show dogs, and the best possible family companion we can! We socialize all of our puppies, at a young age, to many different things. We use the Puppy Culure Protocol to raise puppies from birth, and we recommend this to Buyers, Breeders, and dog people alike. It is the Go To Guide for raising puppies.   Puppies raised with enrichment effects, like Puppy Culture, have improved cardio vascular performance (stronger heart rates), stronger heart beats, a stronger adrenal system that works better and faster when they need it, and are more tolerant of stress with greater resistance  to disease.  They also have increased learning ability, with better retention, and appear more stable, less fearful, and better able to cope with and recover from frightening or stressful situations/things.   Scientific Studies have shown that Enrichment Effects (like Puppy Culture) actually cause animals to grow up to 5% more brain (and within that, are anywhere from 25-200 neuro-connections!). Studies have shown that the area of the brain where these new brain cells form is actually the area related to learning, memory, and emotional response!  We do this so that our Buyers can have the best possible companion, whether it be a show dog or a spayed/neutered family pet. We want you to be able to live with your dog for many many years to come and to enjoy them as much as we do. We start crate, potty, and house training, in addition to many other things. visit our  SPECIAL PUPPY PAGE to learn what comes with each one of our precious little fur buddies!

The producers of Puppy Culture have now come out with multiple (and quite amazing) new "additional" series to puppy culture and they've called it "UNPLUGGED!!" They focus on teaching puppies to have awesome free stacks! I also recommend "Attention, the mother of all behavior". They just came out with a new one called  Also is a great addition to any "Show Breeders" training process. I have started these on both of my puppies from the 2016 litter, Nemo, and I have to say I am beyond thrilled with what I am seeing. Definitely recommended, both of them, if you can get them. They also have Scent Tracking (which I havent used yet) and Puppy Party, which goes through how to carry out a puppy party at 6 weeks for the puppies for socialization and training. It also explains how to make the puppy culture equipment too, which is awesome. :) I have both dvds as well, just haven't done scent work yet. but i may in the future :)  Anyways, The Puppy Culture (Everything) has been so amazing and exceptional and I cannot wait to carry it on with each and every litter i produce here at Amore!!


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The Puppy Party

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Attention the Mother of all Behavior

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